Desk Matchmaking 101

There are so many desks in the sea, but how do you know when it's 'the one'? That's where we come in! As 'desk matchmakers', we're here to see which desk is truly your perfect fit. Let's go over our favourite desks and see if they're meant to be.

The Standing Room Only

Featuring an ergonomic lift-top design, the Aldwin Desk is fit for someone who works standing or sitting! Lift the top and transition smoothly from working on your feet to sitting in your chair. It's no-fuss, modern farmhouse design means it will fit seamlessly anywhere in your home. On top of that, smooth-gliding drawers, electrical outlets, and USB plug-ins mean that this desk is not only stylish, but sensible too.

The 9-5

Bringing a sleek retro vibe, having the Hamlyn Small Leg Desk in your life means you can transition your space from living room to home office in seconds. Its elegant design brings style to the forefront, making it perfect for multi-use purposes. To top it all off, the drop-down drawer means you can conceal your keyboard when you clock out, transforming your desk into a beautiful end table.

The Clean and Lean

If your space isn't so spacious, consider this low-fuss, high-style option! The Mirimyn Desk is meant for those who need a working space, while not having much space to work with! It pairs an open shelf with a natural water hyacinth basket, providing the storage that you need with an economical price tag.

The 'L is for Lavish'

If you're in search of more table space, look no further than the Baraga Desk. This desk will give you all the working space you need, with an L-shaped design meant to provide more table space while taking up less room. With this option, you won't have to sacrifice your entire room to get major table space!

The Best of Both Worlds

If you're thinking 'I want it all', we've got just the thing for you. The Realyn Lift Top Desk with Return combines the lift-top features of the Aldwin with the L-shaped design of the Baraga, adding an antique two-tone finish to top it all off. The Realyn also provides a built-in power supply and dual USB ports to keep your devices close and charged at all times. With this much space and power, you'll want to stay at your desk all day!

Let the Matchmaking Begin

Now that you've been introduced to all of our favourite desks, let's do a little recap of which desk is right for which person:

  • The Aldwin: Perfect if you like a change of pace every once and a while. If you don't want to be stuck with the same old set-up everyday, the Aldwin's lift-top design is perfect for switching between standing and sitting whenever you like.
  • The Hamlyn: Perfect for people who use their office space for more than one purpose. This desk can effortlessly blend into your room as a table when you're off the clock, keeping work and play seperate.
  • The Mirimyn: Perfect for people with small spaces, This desk is easy to clean, has storage to keep your work organized, all while taking up a very little amount of space.
  • The Baraga: Perfect for people who have a lot of things going on at once. The table space will allow you to keep your papers organized on your desk, and the L-shaped design allows for two seperate 'work areas' along each wall.
  • The Realyn: Perfect for people who want to go all out with their home office. Combining the best features of two different desks, the Realyn is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. This desk will give you everything you want, and more!

A desk doesn't just fit the person, the person fits the desk. Whether your home office is in need of a revamp or renovation, there is a desk out there for you! We hope the honeymoon phase never ends.