Beat the Heat for a Better Sleep

Is the summer heat causing you to toss and turn all night? Warm weather is delightful if you’re lounging at the beach or laying by the pool, but when you’re trying to sleep, it becomes a nightmare. With a few bedroom tweaks, you can beat the heat for a better sleep!

Choose Cotton

We’re hoping you’ve put away your flannel sheets by now, but if you’re still sleeping with silk, satin or polyester bedding, it’s time to swap those out too! Light-coloured bed linens made of cotton are a summertime must-have! They promote ventilation and wick away moisture to keep you cool during the hottest nights.

Lose a Layer

Ditch your heavy duvet and opt for a cotton throw with an airy weave and feather light touch. Then place a coverlet at the foot of the bed or store nearby for easy access. This will come in handy when a surprisingly cool evening breeze sets in during the night. Cross your fingers this comes true!

Protect Your Mattress

In addition to your bedding, your mattress might also be contributing to trapping your body heat and preventing air from circulating. A mattress protector will not only evaporate moisture while you sleep, but it will also act as a barrier between dust mites, allergens, and other liquids. You’ll be left feeling cool and comfortable, with the peace of mind in knowing you’re protecting your investment. A win-win situation!

Shut Out the Sun

Prevent heat from building up in your sleep environment as soon as the sun comes up! Simply close your blinds or draperies to keep the sunlight out and shut your windows during the day. If the temperate outside is much cooler than inside, open your windows back up at night.

Aside from creating a cool sleeping environment, remember to stay healthy! Drink plenty of water and keep out of direct sunlight! Happy Summer from Ashley HomeStore!