Guest Ready: 5 Tips for Refreshing Your Guest Bedroom

Guest Ready:
5 Tips for Refreshing Your Guest Bedroom

Have you taken a moment to view the current state of your guest bedroom? We understand this room may often fall to the wayside until your beloved family member arrives! With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to give this space the much-needed attention it deserves. If you’re not looking for a complete style overhaul, no worries! We’ve got the top tips for primping your guest bedroom with time and budget in mind.

1. Clear the Clutter

Less is more when it comes to a guest bedroom! By keeping the clutter to a minimum, your guests will feel as if the room is their very own temporary bedroom, rather than taking over your personal space. If your guest bedroom doubles as a storage room or home office, provide your guests with a place to store their essentials. Clearing out at least two or three drawers for your guest’s belongings is a must for a comfortable and clutter-free stay.

2. Keep it Neutral

Out with the old and in with the neutral! If your guest bedroom has become a mismatched array of colours, it’s time to choose a new and neutral colour scheme. A comforting blend of whites and creams creates a calming atmosphere where your guests are sure to get a good night’s sleep.

3. Give Them Something to Talk About

Blank walls can make any room feel dull and drab! Adding interesting wall décor can make your guests feel more at home, as well as acting as a great conversation starter. Choose a few focal pieces or group together smaller pieces to create a stylish gallery wall that sparks some interest!

4. Accentuate with Style

Just because it’s a guest bedroom, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Add a splash of character through an accent chair, table lamp, area rug, or throw pillows. Even if you lean toward a completely neutral colour scheme, our range of accents will provide just the right dose of style without overpowering the space.

5. Make Those Upgrades

A hostess with the mostest never skimps on linens! Upgrading your guest bedroom with luxurious bedding is a gesture that will not go unnoticed by your guests. Providing a high-quality sheet set, bedspread, duvet and throw are essential for a comfortable overnight stay. Even supplying extra linens such as towels and sheets will give your guests a 5-star accommodation.

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