4 Simple Tips to Brighten A Room

Feeling a little dark and dreary? If you’re struggling with a space that doesn’t receive much natural light, don’t think a major renovation is the only solution. Whether it’s a living room, dining room, bedroom or even a basement that needs a pick me up, we’ve got 4 simple tips to help you introduce more light!

Area Rug

A large area rug is not just a solution for framing furniture and defining a space. It can also be used to introduce more light while providing a contrast between the rug and the flooring. From neutral tones to colourful patterns, an area rug radiates both style and brightness!



Just a touch of glimmering metal can transform your space! Incorporating accents such as artwork, light fixtures, or textiles with shimmering gold or silver has a simple way of reflecting light. Also, your design scheme will instantly feel more luxurious.


Glass Surfaces

A simple glass surface can play to your advantage when it comes to reflecting light! A glimmering table top pairs well with dark and moody furniture, making the room appear much larger and brighter.



Mirrors not only make sure you look good, but they also make a room appear bigger and brighter. Simply hang a mirror directly across from the largest window in your space. It will automatically reflect natural sunlight, brightening those hidden, dark corners.