2018 Colour Trends: Passion & Positivity

Switch off the noise and drown out the negative vibes. This trend features a combination of rich hues and cozy neutral shades. Deep reds, soft oranges, and rich brown tones will lift you up and cocoon you in pure warmth.


Choose a tonal colour palette that creates an overall feeling of warmth and radiance. Don’t be afraid to add subtle cool undertones for interest and contrast! It can be as simple as accent cushions or throws with hints from the opposite side of the colour wheel. 


FEATURED: Menga Collection & Centair Rectangle Cocktail Table


A combination of rich, earthy hues intermingled with cozy, neutral shades make your space warm and inviting. A hint of weathered charm is seen through gently distressed wood, while pops of bold colour complete the décor!


FEATURED: Dresbar 5 Piece Dining Room


Keep your backdrop neutral and simple, with plenty of natural light. Accents such as art, textiles, and lighting should steal the show by stirring emotion and drawing the eyes in.


FEATURED: Tensas 2 Piece Sectional