2018 Colour Trends: Moody & Magnetic

Dive into the deep-end of the colour palette and embody a sense of sophistication, elegance, and enchantment. Shades of blues, glittering metallics, and rustic charcoals stir your emotions and elevate the beauty of your home.


Whether it be through furniture, décor, or lighting, add a touch of luxury to your space with metallic accents! Metallics work as eye-catching elements and conversation starters, complementing the moodiness of the palette.


FEATURED: Sciolo Collection & Flandyn Square Cocktail Table 


Mix industrial style with sophisticated decor to tie your look together. Distressed wood, metal finishes and a splash of femininity create the ultimate inviting space with a moody feel!


FEATURED: Raventown 6 Piece Dining Room 


If you’re not all for the moody interior, mix it with a bit of contemporary coziness. The light and airy backdrop balance the dark, masculine furniture. A splash of deep blue and bit of greenery livens the space to make you feel good!


FEATURED: Mayflyn 5 Piece Upholstered Bedroom